The School Governors have responsibility for the proper conduct of the school and have specific duties which are set out in a document called “The Articles of Government” which is available for reference in the school. The Governing Body meets at least once a term and copies of the minutes of each meeting and the Headteacher’s report are also available in the school. Parent Governors are nominated by the parents of pupils in the school. Three places on the Governing Body are reserved for parents. The Governing Body is comprised of people of very different backgrounds and experiences; most have lived in the area for many years; many have children who have attended - or are currently attending - Norley School; several have experience in the educational sector and up-to-date knowledge of new initiatives and issues in education; others have broad business experience and extensive links within a range of industry sectors. All, however, are driven by a common purpose - to ensure that the school delivers educational excellence in a happy supportive environment. To this end, the Governors give of their time freely, actively seeking Governor refresher training, attending key events and ‘rolling up their sleeves’ and getting involved according to personal strengths and capabilities.

In total, there are 12 Governor places: 

Mr Paul Corbishley (Chair) 
Mrs Helen Kelly (Headteacher)
Miss Lester-Jones
Mrs Lucy Kornecki
Mrs Deryn O'Connor
Mrs Vanessa Duffy
Mrs Natalie Eastwood
Mrs Felicity Taylor
Mrs Liz Rodliffe
Mr Michael Gough

Clerk to the Governing Body: John Addison
(Contactable via the school: 01928 788471)

To find out more about the roles and responsibilities of each of our Governors, please see Governor profiles (see link at bottom of page).

The Chair of Governors may be contacted via:

Governor Committees

Curriculum and Community- chaired by Mrs Felicity Taylor
Business and Resources- chaired by Mr Michael Gough

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Governor Survey
In a survey, Governors were asked what they felt to be the key strengths of the school. The following are but a small selection of their responses:


The school ethos:


  • "Our caring Christian ethos and our links with the local church is a special feature of our school"
  • “The staff know and nurture each child’s abilities and teaching is ‘customised’ in a way impossible in a large school”
  • “The school provides a secure, friendly and family atmosphere; all aspects of each child’s development are closely monitored and supervised; any problems are quickly noted and addressed”
  • “The school is supportive of each child and the children are encouraged to achieve their best in whatever sphere”
  • “Norley is a small, friendly school. The children feel well cared for and are happy”
  • “The relaxed but stable atmosphere of a village school can sustain balance and confidence in a child”
  • “The ‘small school’ setting engenders a caring attitude across the age range. Just a few moments in the playground or school corridor will yield examples of the older children taking care of the younger pupils”

The teaching staff:

  • “All the teachers at Norley School are very experienced, very capable, dedicated and caring”
  • "The staff are forward looking and willing to take on board new initiatives, to train and to carry through any developments”
  • “The school excels in several areas. Particular note should be made of the excellent teaching staff. Year by year, the age cohort varies enormously, necessitating flexibility in the approach to teaching. Most staff have taught at Norley for many years and are extremely competent at extracting the best from their pupils in the unique environment of the small school”
  • “ Excellent standard of teaching in all aspects of education”

The location and school grounds:

  • “The school is fortunate to have a modern, practical building set in wonderful grounds”
  • “The school is in a lovely rural location - the grounds are extensive with a choice of facilities - large playing field, outdoor play equipment, playground, wildlife area etc.”


  • “Particular strengths are the small classes, the happy atmosphere, the pleasant location, the dedicated teaching staff, the strong parental input and the wide range of additional interests which the children can pursue”
  • “Caring staff, a ‘family’ atmosphere and a balanced all-round education”


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