Ethos and Values

Our experience confirms that 'happy hearts and enquiring minds' underpin educational progression and achievement and also the social, emotional and spiritual well-being of all the children who come to our school. Our aim then, is to provide a stimulating and happy environment which fosters positive attitudes and enquiring minds and where children can grow socially, spiritually, emotionally and academically.

We want to promote in our children qualities of independence, self discipline and respect for others.  Our goal is to provide an environment in which every child can achieve academic success in all areas of the curriculum, enjoy learning and develop a strong sense of self-worth in keeping with our ethos as a Church school.

Certainly, we are committed to getting the best from every child - as reflected in our vision statement.

Our Christian Values

Our school community six Christian Values to study over the year so we gain an deep understanding of them.







We look at one each half term. This is the focus of our weekly collective worship and a class focus. Below are some sheets to share at home, this will support the work we are doing in school.

Celebrating Our Children

At Norley we like to celebrate every child. Our reward system allows children to collect hands from all adults in school for any positive behaviour. These are linked to the Christian values. When they reach 10 hands, this is celebrated in our celebration assembly at the beginning of the week. Children get to choose a token; these include 15 minutes extra playtime, to spend a morning with the site manager, to have something free from the snack trolley or to go up for lunch first all week. 

Every child belongs to a different house in school. Fire (red), Water (blue), Earth (green) and Air (yellow). Their reward cards correspond to the colour of their house and when full they are collected together with their team mates. At the end of the term the team with the most completed reward cards is the winner. Children are collecting hands for themselves but can also see how they are contributing to and are working as part of a wider team. These are also the teams we use for sports day.

Parents, friends and families are invited to our celebration assembly, currently on Monday mornings. We celebrate reward cards, birthdays, attendance and any achievements outside school Teachers are also asked to choose a child each week, to celebrate an achievement in school.


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