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All about the School Council...

Who we are, what we do an´╗┐d what we've achieved:

Norley Church of England School Council is made up of one child from each year group, representing their peers. We hold elections each September for these important roles.

So far this year our school Council have been involved in choosing the new equipment to replace the old Trim Trail in the playground. This had come to the end of its life and will be replaced during February half term, thanks you to the School Council for this hard work researching what our children would like to play on. During our regular meetings, we discuss issues that crop up in school. The School Council were asked about designing a new system for ordering school meals. They came up with a coloured card system that has been trialed and is working very well. All children get their first choice and Diane knows how much to cook!

Last year the School Council organised Charity events such as Children in Need and Sport Relief. They were instrumental in deciding how to raise more for people less fortunate than themselves.

The School Council was also involved in deciding what to replace the old train with now it has come to the end of its life. The train was over eight years old and has been a fond part of our school grounds. Children that have long since left us still remember playing on the good old train. Therefore, it was an important´╗┐ decision about what to replace it with. Surveys were carried out by the school council and lots of research was done. Finally, the decision to replace it with a pirate ship was reached. This will be installed in the near future thanks to the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. The PTFA work closely with the school council enabling pupils' ideas to be brought to life. They have also purchased a friendship bench for us. Again this was an idea that came via the school council and the bench has been designed and painted by children in key stage 2.

Our new school council will no doubt have lots of suggestions to bring to meetings and we look forward to working together to make sure every voice is heard.


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