Class 1 2019 - 2020

Norley CE Primary

Class 1 2019-20

A Warm Welcome to all of our new starters in Reception. The children have settled so well and are enjoying exploring the classroom environment. 

This half term our topic is Once Upon a Time in Class 1. Please see the autumn topic newsletter for more information about what we will be getting up to!

Magic Beans

Class 1 were left an exciting package filled with magic beans! The children discussed what they could do with the beans and decided to plant them. Watch this space to see what will grow.


A Magical Beanstalk 

Overnight a beanstalk has grown in class 1! The children were so suprised at how big it has grown. Check out our pictures to see it in more detail!


A message from the Giant

The children came to school to find a parcel dangling from the beanstalk. Inside the parcel was a letter from the giant and a book 'Trust Me Jack's Beanstalk Stinks.' The children can't wait to start reading the book and helping out the giant. 


Help us catch Jack!

The children have been busy helping the giant from our story to catch Jack. They have been writing letters to Jack and trying to help  the giant by setting up a trap to catch Jack. Have a look at our photos to see the children's super trap. 

European Languages Day.

Class 1 have had a fantastic time celebrating Italian, German, French and Spanish language and culture. The children enjoyed tasting foods from these countries and learning some key phrases.


Festivals around the World                                                                                                                                            Welcome back, I hope you have all had a restful half term. Our topic leading up to Christmas is focused on Festivals around the World. The children will be exploring a selection of different festivals including Diwali, Bonfire Night, Remberance, Christmas. We have lots of fun things planned along the way! 





Welcome to Class 1

We have all enjoyed our first few weeks in Reception Class and it has been lovely to see such smiley faces every morning. I am so proud of how well all the children have settled into school. 

Our topic for this half term is Superhero Me. 

A special visitor 

We had a special visit from a police officer and the children loved trying on his uniform and going inside the police van. We thought about how the police help us. 

The Golden Mile

We are working on improving our physical activity across the shcool. The children are going to be encouraged to have fun and practise running once a week either at break times or lunch times to improve their fitness. They can work towards achieving certificates. All the children were very enthusiastic today and did a great job for their first try. 


We have had a very exciting week in Class One. The Evil Pea visited and captured all of the vegetables! The children were very eager to create traps and wanted posters to find them. I wonder what the Evil Pea will get up to next....

Supertato the Superhero has landed in Reception

We have been very busy making our own Supertato Superheroes. Don't they all look amazing!



This half term we have been looking at celebrations from Bonfire night and Hannuka to looking at the birthday of Jesus. The children have loved our birthday role play. They have enjoyed wrapping presents, making cards and cakes for their friends. 

The Light Project

On the 11th December we spent a whole day looking at the fruits of the spirit. Class one were exploring gentleness. We made some beautiful gentle quilts with squares of fabric which remind of us of time when we had been gentle.

The Inn Crowd

I'm sure you can agree that all of the children were stars in this year's Christmas play. Well done to all of the Woolly Sheep! They worked so hard to learn the song and dance moves, and looked fantastic. Thank you for your support and help with costumes, all of the children looked amazing. 

Beauty and The Beast

We have had a super time at our annual festive pantomime. There was dazzling costumes, hilarious jokes and lots of songs for us to sing and dance along to. 

Christmas Lunch

The children had a lovely afternoon sharing a Christmas lunch together. They were laughing, joking and pulling crackers. They even had a special visit from Father Christmas. Have a look at some of the fun in the pictures below. 

Merry Christmas!

The children have completed their first term in school and have tried extremely hard. I hope you all have a well earned rest and a Happy Christmas. Thank you for your continued support. 

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